PWA & Brahma Connect V2

May 22, 2024

The latest release note highlights core features of the new and improved Console experience.

Over the past few weeks, Brahma has released a Mobile UX to ease notifications and multi-signing on the go, updated Brahma Connect to extend to newer chains with improved dApp compatibility and has recently launched on Mode Network.

👷🏻‍♂️How does the Mobile UX Work?

To install the Console app on your mobile device, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open your Safari/Chrome/Default browser and navigate to

  2. Tap the Share icon/Three-dots in the browser menu.

  3. Choose "Add to Home Screen" from the options.

  4. Open the Console app from your Home Screen and proceed to login as usual.

  5. Make sure to enable notifications to receive signing requests and other updates.

Note: Ensure one of the Console multi-sig owners is added to a mobile wallet like Metamask/via WalletConnect wallets, for a seamless signing experience.

Brahma Connect V2 | Now Live

May 16, 2024

  • Now access dApps with Brahma Connect or Wallet Connect on Mainnet, Arbitrum, Blast or Mode

  • Connect safely to the verified frontend URL of dApps directly in Console

  • Experience seamless transaction batching across dApps

Console on Mode Network | Now Live

May 6, 2024

You can earn upto 2x points,using Brahma Console to securely navigate Mode Network.

With the V1 release, Brahma Console users can:

  • Access native swaps via Odos

  • Enable TWAP/DCA on Mode

  • Deploy Sub-Accounts for segregated risk management and explore Mode securely!

Stay tuned, lending automations on Mode is coming soon!

Got queries? Learn more here

TWAP/DCA Automation | Now Live

April 15, 2024

TWAP Automation is a key feature of Brahma Console tailored for optimising on-chain trading strategies is currently live on Mainnet and Arbitrum.

It divides large orders into smaller ones and executes them at regular intervals over a specified period to minimize market impact and achieve more homogeneous prices.

👷🏻‍♂️ How TWAP Automation Works?

  • Users initiate TWAP Automation through a single multi-call transaction, configuring parameters such as minimum price threshold and randomization settings.

  • Automation Sub-Accounts are created to manage transactions securely, with on-chain approval granted for token handling.

📍 Features and Benefits:

  • TWAP Automation offers features like randomising execution timing, routing swaps through multiple venues, setting minimum prices, and adjusting slippage automatically.

  • It enhances efficiency and security in executing orders while reducing manual intervention.

🔎 Fees and miscellaneous

  • Users should be aware of potential risks, such as insufficient liquidity or fluctuating gas costs, associated with TWAP Automation.

  • Brahma Console ensures transparency and cost-effectiveness, with a one-time setup fee for Automation Sub-Accounts and a 0.15% execution fee for successful orders.

Blast Booster Campaign | Now Live

April 11, 2024

Brahma is proud to announce that it is a recipient of Blast Gold as one of the winners of the Big Bang Competition

All Blast Gold received is being distributed directly to our users. To commemorate this achievement, our Booster Campaign is now live.

For the next 30 days, all Console users who engage with Ambient Finance, SynFutures and DTX will enjoy a boost of 2x, 2x and 1.5x on their Blast Gold accrued through Brahma.

Got queries? Learn more here

Note: To accrue boosted Gold, users need to uphold active positions, such as pledging assets as collateral for trades or contributing liquidity. It's essential to note that trading volume alone does not contribute to this boost.

LRST Automation | Now Live

Mar 28, 2024

LRST Automations are designed for users seeking to optimize their trading strategies for Liquid Restaking Tokens (LRST) such as ezETH and eETH. This automation is ideal for those looking to capitalize on market price movements, providing a hands-off approach to trading based on user-defined parameters.

  • LRST Automation Function: Users can automate buying or selling LRST tokens through Balancer pools by setting specific price thresholds. This is achieved through live monitoring of market prices and token issuing contracts, ensuring transactions are executed at the lowest possible slippage.

  • Balance Requirements: Users must maintain a balance of the automation token (e.g., wETH, ezETH, or weETH) in their Console wallet to engage with the automation feature.

  • Automation Threshold: Due to high mainnet gas fees, the minimum size for automation is set at 10ETH to ensure economical operations for users.

  • Operational Flow:

    • Policy and Account Configuration: The automation framework establishes a dedicated Sub-Account for the user and creates a transaction policy to safeguard the process.

    • Automation Triggers: When the market price meets the user's pre-set deviation trigger, the automation executes a series of steps in a single transaction, including token transfer, trade execution, and re-deposit.

  • Dynamic Slippage Management: The automation intelligently manages slippage by incrementally increasing from a tight maximum of 0.1% to a predefined maximum of 5%, ensuring multiple attempts to execute orders at the best available rate.

🪙 More Info

A. Risks:

  • Users face the risk of price reversion and missed swap opportunities during rapid price drops.

  • Availability of suitable swap routes may vary despite multiple aggregator options.

B. Fees:

  • Gas fees apply for setting up automation on Ethereum, reflecting network charges only.

  • A transparent 0.5% execution fee inclusive of gas is applied upon successful trade completion.

Head to LRST Automation FAQs to dive deeper.

Blast Mainnet Release | Now Live on Console

Feb 29, 2024

Brahma is excited to announce the official launch of Console on Blast Mainnet. Console seamlessly merges Safe’s self-custody with on-chain execution on Blast, empowering users, teams, and DAOs to navigate dApps efficiently within the ecosystem.

🔫 Here's what's in store

  • Claim Your Blast Gold Rewards: Every interaction on Blast through Console earns you Blast Gold rewards, with 100% of rewards redistributed to users. Maximise your earnings with each deposit, transaction, and automation (coming soon).

  • Native dApp Integrations are arriving: Get ready for Blast-native actions and automation with built-in execution efficiency thanks to Console’s advanced transaction management tooling. Soon, you'll enjoy seamless execution for swapping, lending, LP, and more, with upcoming dApp integrations.

  • Console on Blast is built for everyone: Power users, DAOs, and teams can improve the efficiency of their Blast native operations without compromising on security, as Console is built on top of Safe, a self-custodial infrastructure securing 91B of on-chain assets.

Console access is open for all Blast user and is seamless operating with Orbit, Ring Protocol, MangroveDAO and Juice Finance. Get started now:

Stay tuned for more updates on features and upcoming dApp integrations.

Here’s how you can compound your Blast Gold with Console, meanwhile:

Swap V2 | Now Live

Feb 28, 2024

Swap assets seamlessly, adjust your slippage, and get the best rates on Console, thanks to our Swap V2 upgrade. New DEXes, routes, and UI adjustments have been incorporated to improve the user experience.

💥 What’s new?

  • New DEXs and route options have been added to Console. Users can now select up to 9 routes for their Swaps to be routed through the most optimal prices.

  • A quick action settings menu has been added to the Swap module on the top-right corner where users can select and display slippage, as well as having a comprehensive view of available DEXes for the swap.

  • For Swaps, support for the following DEXs has been added:

    1. Uniswap

    2. Paraswap

    3. OpenOcean

🚀 Enhancements

  • Swap UI has been widened to incorporate a wider area within asset input layouts.

  • Swap details have been moved and will be featured in Transaction Builder for one-view checks pre-execution.

Lending now live. Aave V2 and V3


January 24, 2024

Interact effortlessly with AAVE V2 and V3 on console, accessible on both ETH Mainnet and Arbitrum. With Console, combine lending, borrowing, and swapping features to execute in a single transaction.

  • Batch multiple lending actions into one transaction.

  • Save up-to 20% on gas costs when lending actions are batched.

  • Over 50% faster to perform lending actions vs Aave’s native frontend.

  • Unified metrics to track your lending positions.

🚀 Enhancements

  • Loading time improvement
    Console now loads 3X faster after major Frontend refactoring and improvements.

  • Integrated Matcha and Firebird for Swaps.

  • DeBank Native integration.

  • Protocol Parsers.
    Users will now be able to understand each action they perform on-chain in a human readable format. Support added for AAVE V2 and V3 this week.

🐞 Fixed bugs

  • Debank view on Sub-accounts.
    Debank metrics were not visible on Sub-accounts. Bug has now been patched and users can track all their DeFi positions on their Sub-accounts as well.

  • ERC-20 Granular policy.
    There was a bug on Granular policy for ERC-20 assets. This has now been patched and policy works as intended.

Experience the new standard

for on-chain execution.

Experience the new standard

for on-chain execution.

Experience the new standard

for on-chain execution.