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Brahma is a protocol enabling seamless access to risk-managed, cross-chain strategies for sustainable yield.

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Brahma is a protocol providing a seamless interface for DeFi users to access sustainable, risk-managed strategies. Brahma’s Vaults leverage composability with multiple protocols across chains in a single flow to deliver superior diversified yield.

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Degen Vaults

DegenVaults are unaudited, alpha releases of Brahma’s new strategies, which are tailored for and make accessible only to experienced DeFi users (who have interacted with advanced products and are aware of their risks). They are exclusive, with limited capacity and plenty of experimentation potential.

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Karma Rewards

KARMA points mirror your community contribution. It is earned by performing authentic on-chain and off-chain activities. Karma cannot be bought, only earned.

Compound KARMA points to bag exclusive access to upcoming vaults, unique product features and more.

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