Enhancing Operational Efficiency for Protocols & DAOs

Apr 26, 2024

3 mins

Console enables Protocol teams and DAOs to streamline operations and multi-sig processes with configurable delegation, access control, and execution tooling, easily orchestrating multiple Safes.  

This blog highlights a few case studies on how DAOs and protocols can use Brahma Console and improve their operational efficiency while strengthening portfolio management.

Security-First Design, Built on Safe

There is no friction in introducing Brahma Console to your workflows; users can create or import an existing Safe wallet, maintaining full ownership and self-custody. This Safe is unmodified and is always accessible via Safe UI and contracts, regardless of Console's UI availability.

The Main Safe and its owners are the sole on-chain owners of all Sub-Accounts in the environment. As such, Console never claims ownerships or has access to user funds. It is a suite of tools enhancing Safe native capabilities and facilitating professional asset management and execution on-chain.

Console allows any investor to build a sophisticated custody and execution environment, with granular access control for sub-accounts, supporting effective team coordination and operations.

As part of our commitment to security, Brahma has been audited by Spearbit, Code4rena, and Ackee

Faster multi-sig operations through Delegation

Console allows teams to delegate specific tasks to internal or external members via Sub-Accounts and Policies, enhancing operational speed and efficiency.

Streamline execution by applying unique transaction Policies to SubAccounts, reducing the need for high signature thresholds.

  • Payments and Transfers: restrict the recipients, tokens, and amounts within various timeframes

  • Streamline payroll and service provider payments

  • Delegate top-up operations to keeper/testing wallets

  • Governance: assign contract-specific voting rights to designated members, restricting token approval

  • Treasury Management: enforce contract limitations and delegate position oversight to trusted members for speed and precision

Each SubAccount is a Safe owned by the main team’s Safe, with operations confined by the open source Console's Safe Guard installed.

Unified Control of multiple Safes

Reduce signature time with individual Sub-Accounts with policy controls and varying threshold. Manage key operations across Safes in one go.

The Main Safe owns all the underlying Sub-Account Safes via module, enabling batched operations across all Safes in one transaction within Console:

  • Gasless transaction on all accounts, without contributor wallets needing gas.

  • Change operators and signature threshold on multiple SubAccounts

  • Implement policy updates and manage funds across Sub-Accounts with ease

  • Freeze multiple Sub-Accounts for the owner to intervene

  • Review all Accounts’ history in one place

Operators are authorised members who can execute Sub-Account transactions strictly within the set policy framework.

Efficient On-Chain Treasury Management

Deploy and manage active on-chain positions using Console’s rapid execution and automation features.

Console champions self-custodial automation and execution, with all funds securely held in user Safes and operations approved directly, with no intermediary contracts involved.

  • DCA/TWAP a token from the treasury overtime to reduce market impact, diversifying revenue and treasury composition (Now live on mainnet and Arbitrum) with auto-withdrawal mechanisms for de-peg events

  • Auto-rebalance lending positions on Aave V2 and V3

  • Delegate specific financial activities to trusted members with Sub-Accounts. Designate swap permissions on preferred platforms, with detailed token and amount specifications

  • Build and execute comprehensive transaction strategies across dApps with ease and precision with Brahma Connect and Wallet Connect. Coordinate actions across various dApps interfaces to formulate a strategy, then execute it in a single transaction.

  • Eliminate concerns over gas fees and operator reimbursements. The Brahma relayer autonomously executes transactions post-signature threshold attainment, optimising gas fees, transaction routing and status for peak execution.

Trustless Delegation for Governance

Delegate your voting power in a trustless manner using Console’s Sub-Accountd and Policies features.

Console allows protocols and DAOs to create Sub-Accounts specific for voting. These Sub-Accounts can be assigned to one operator within the team.

To avoid the cumbersome process of coordination to sign every voting transactions, nowadays protocols and DAOs often delegate their voting power to a EOA account controlled by one of the team members. However, this process requires trust, and can be compromised in case the team member goes rogue. 

Console allows trustless delegation by allowing the creation of a set of Policies on top of a Sub-Account. Policies define all the interactions that a Sub-Account can do: at the protocol, asset and timeframe level. For instance, for a voting Sub-Account, a Policy can be set up whereby it can only execute transactions with 0 value.

In case the Sub-Account would try to execute a transaction that violates the policy, it will fail automatically. This allows protocols and DAOs to achieve trustless delegation.

  • Delegate specific voting activities to trusted members with Sub-Accounts.

  • Designate Sub-Account Policies to limit interactions

  • The Main Console always retains control of Sub-Accounts. At any time the voting funds can be withdrawn and the ownership of the account revoked or changed

  • Eliminate concern about delegation, with need to monitoring and oversight.

Learn more at https://www.brahma.fi/ and over to https://docs.brahma.fi for a deeper technical breakdown.

Reach out to us via the intercom chatbot and request a demo for your team/DAO today!

Earn upto 2x Blast Gold on your dApp interactions

Earn upto 2x Blast Gold on your dApp interactions