Brahma Console Main Release + $2.5M Seed Extension Round

Apr 12, 2023

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  • Brahma Console Main Release is live after over 10 months of development, user testing, optimisations and security audits. 

  • Brahma has raised a seed extension round of $2.5M led by Greenfield Capital, with the participation of Safe, Framework Ventures, Maven11, and Bitscale.

  • The brand now stands enhanced to reflect its growth and enterprise product development. 

  • The upcoming quarters will witness active client onboarding and shipping sprints to bring user suggested features and multi-chain access to Brahma Console.

After months of meticulous development and rigorous testing, Brahma Console is now live. Stay tuned and continue reading some of the core updates of this release.

Brahma Console is now live with its main release, designed to be the core self-custodial execution stack for power users, teams, institutions, and DAOs. Forget siloed asset management and embrace a future of automation, collaboration, and unparalleled transparency. 

Console is now optimised to amplify Safe's self-custody environment and provide automation and execution capabilities, accessible via Console's independent API and UI. Aside from simplifying transactions interactions, Console also improves operational workflows and collaborative efficiency for teams and individuals.

Console features

At present, Console is hyper-focused to provide industry leading solutions to enhance key areas with user-centric features revolving around.

  • Seamless Collaboration via Access Control

    Sub-Accounts enable dedicated access for specific actions, fostering frictionless team execution. Custom roles and policies define user permissions, ensuring operational integrity. No more fragmented workflows – smooth collaborative cruise control with complete transparency.

  • Precise Automation

    Console's dedicated executor handles automations, freeing users from making manual decisions. Soon, a community-driven library of predefined automation recipes will simplify complex workflows, while granular user analytics will empower users with data-driven insights. Based on the input of early users, we're rolling out custom automation routines, soon to expand with third-party development capabilities. 

    Brahma Console V2 isn't just about features; it's about an open and collaborative approach to experiencing DeFi. Users will soon be able to leverage the power of predefined automation routines combined with Safe's security, to aid timely decision making

  • On-chain, Independent Access

    Brahma does not have access to user funds. Console leverages Safe's self-custody infrastructure, users maintain full ownership of their Safes and assets within Console, with independent access via Safe’s interface or contracts at all times.

  • Efficient Execution

    Console’s Relayer & Transaction Manager efficiently manage the transaction lifecycle, including gas management, auto-RPC routing, retrying stuck transactions & more for smoother processing.

  • Enhanced Transparency and Visibility

    Console integrates dedicated activity logs to help users track every movement within the Sub-Account, providing comprehensive visibility into fund activities. 

    Granular position metrics to reveal individual and team performance, while global asset policy compliance ensures regulatory adherence and fund protection.

Console is Contract Verified

Independent audits by Spearbit, Code4Arena, and AckeeBlockchain solidifying Console's commitment to security.

  1. SpearbitDAO:

  2. Code4Arena:

  3. AckeeBlockchain:

$2.5Mio Seed Round Raise To Further our Vision

We are also extremely excited to announce our seed round extension of $2.5m led by Greenfield Capital, with the participation of Safe, Framework Ventures, Maven11, and Bitscale. We are grateful for the trust and support of our industry-leading investors! This marks the beginning of an exciting chapter for Console, reinforcing our mission to fill the market gap for professional on-chain execution and automation solutions.  

A Comprehensive Upgrade in Every Aspect

Brahma Console expands further into the institutional execution and custody realm for teams and organisations, our identity is evolving with it, and all our communication and visual fronts are revamped. 

The new branding captures the essence of our initial identity with simplified shapes, colours, and a modern look while keeping intact its technological element.

All in all

Brahma Console is more than an execution environment: it’s a step forward in enabling professional execution on-chain, bringing reliability and programmability to the on-chain stack. 

These are deeply ingrained elements in traditional financial markets and operators and a key stepping stone to make DeFi and on-chain execution scalable.

Explore Console now.
Request a demo and witness the product firsthand.Stay tuned for upcoming client onboarding phases, novel user-centric feature additions, and continuous iterations.


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Experience the new standard

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Experience the new standard

for on-chain execution.